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" Carl is a friendly, professional, creative photographer who nails it every time ".

- The Sunday Times

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5 Star Reviews. 

Trusted by FTSE 100 companies. 

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  • Corporate business professionals
  • Thousands of company staff
  • Actors
  • A-List celebrities
  • Tv Presenters
  • Rock and pop stars
  • Numerous individuals
  • Even U.S. Presidents. 

" Seriously Cool Headshots "

Peter Fehr Portfolio Manager

Look More Confident. Connect More. Look The Business.

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Get more jobs, gain new clients and customers by showing your unique expertise with Confident Looking Headshots and Personal Branding Photography.

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Like having your own digital video business card - Ideal for use online on websites, social media, emails, adverts and more ... in 15 seconds present & promote yourself with photos - Be your own unique selling point.

What you get :

Cinematic Style Headshots and Portraits that make you look more confident, compelling and professional.

Now you can love the way you look in front of the camera like the famous celebrities I've photographed before.

With my subtle, simple, yet very effective posing techniques I can guide you 1-2-1 so you feel and look more comfortable, relaxed and More confident in your headshots.

Your Results :

I'm convinced that this will help you -

  • Secure peoples attention & be remembered.
  • Propel your success.
  • Increase your client attraction ability.
  • Connect more.
  • Boost Your Brand.
  • Elevate your profile.
  • Grow you and your business.
  • Or just simply make you feel & look more confident, compelling, authoritative and successful.

“Carl's work is truly wonderful and even more so when he presented the " re-touched " images. We could not believe how he could improve the portraits so much, moving and shaping hair, smoothing lines and removing unwanted shadow under eyes.”


“The images were great particularly as we were not shooting in the best light. Carl has a great understanding of light and always delivers a great set of shots.”


“Carl is a very personable & professional photographer who we both enjoyed meeting & being photographed by".


“The shoot went very well. I was amazed by the pictures without any photoshop. I asked for photoshop touches and Carl did a natural and very good job.”


Show the world who you are. That you are ready for business. Branding and Lifestyle shoots. For Instagram, social media, press & websites.

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Your headshot is your personal logo - your virtual handshake, let Carl Fox help you get it right.

Your headshot is online 24/7. It's working even when you are not !

Looking confident and grabbing attention is crucial if you are to stand out. Posing comfortably & correctly is key.

Here's one of my headshots that's a great example of how to pose - chin out presenting a strong jawline, leaning into camera and eyes narrowed and focused looking straight down my lens.

When I direct people who aren't used to having their photo taken this is the style of pose and expression I try to create.

I've photographed U.S. Presidents, corporate business professionals, thousands of company staff, A-List celebrities, actors, rock stars and numerous individuals.

I can help you too - by coaching you on how to pose confidently it has a huge impact that equates to a great headshot for you.

Who doesn't want to feel and look more confident ?

Quick behind the scenes headshot shoot.

How to pose so you look More confident in your headshot.

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Looking confident in your headshot gets you results.


✅ increase your client attraction ability.
✅ Connect more.
✅ Boost Your Brand.
✅ Stand out from your competition. 
✅  Skyrocket your profile. 
✅  Look more authoritative, confident, compelling, professional and successful.

Compiled with 20 years of experience in the industry photographing Business owners, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Directors, 1000's of Professionals, A-list Celebrities, Rock & Pop Stars, Famous Actors, TV Presenters and just about everyone.

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Before & after posing.


On the face of it theres not a huge difference. But, look again and ask how each image makes you feel.

The 1st image is often how I find people present themselves intitally for their headshot. Upright, a little bit stiff, even unapproachable and distant ! With wide eyes showing surprise or detachment !

Not to worry, if you breathe, relax and follow direction it doesn't take much to correct.


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headshot and portrait photo Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi.  (C) Carl Fox.


One of my favourite portraits. 

You don't get much time with stadium filling rock stars. About 10 minutes max in this case.

So, for portraits like this I always know to arrive early,  prepped and ready to shoot to maximise the time.

This was in The Savoy hotel, London.

You also don't get much space in a hotel room and neither do you get many creative options - no real angles to play with. Nothing that can add an extra dimension to the image. So, going tight was a good option and really the only option.

He was super chilled and super professional.

As I said, one of my all time faves. In the edit I've changed the tonal range, trying to subtly sculpt the shadows and light to create, I hope a more intense and more dramatic portrait.


Not all headshots are the same.

Are you confident with your headshot photo? Are you 100 % satisfied that your headshot makes you look confident and professional ?

Some simple changes of your pose can make a huge difference to how you convey yourself.

 Who doesn't want to feel and look more confident in their headshots ?

Let me show you the difference being directed and guided to pose confidently can make to your headshot.                                                                                                                                                            

Without being posed.

With being posed. 

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London's No.1 Photographer

Helping you pose confidently making a dramatic improvement, so your headshot stands out and makes a statement - with my unique posing technique and signature style retouching.

From 1 to 1000+ headshots for business and corporate staff events - I can also provide a full team of highly experienced photographers - get in touch for YOUR individual and bespoke PDF presentation.

Looking for a business portrait photographer in London that you can trust? With over 20 years of experience in the industry, I specialise in creating corporate portraits and headshots that will help you to stand out.

My unique technique and signature style image editing, and retouching will make all the difference to your portrait image and assists your business to engage, attract and connect more with your audience. Working on my own or with a team of fully equipped corporate photographers I can cover all areas in London and within the M25.

My team can help you plan your corporate headshot session. Give us details of your requirements and tell us the length of photo session or how many headshots you need. We can help advise with a beautifully crafted, bespoke PDF proposal plan specific to your needs that you can save, share and collaborate with. You'll be impressed!

I do also offer actor headshots within areas surrounding London and hold a high reputation of being one of the best portrait photographers in my area. Throughout my 20 years in the industry, I’ve photographed a variety of actors helping them to capture a professional headshot ahead of future auditions and projects.

Book your business, corporate, actors headshots and portraits and photography today by giving me a call.

Why Choose My Photography Services?

I can visit you in your home or office around London and M25, covering individual or group portraits.

You will get my unique signature style image retouching and editing services, ensuring you get professional photos.

I will offer useful advice on how you can prepare before your portrait photoshoot, found in my free guide.

You will get clear upfront pricing starting at £99*.

You can book using my unique online booking system.

I can accept secure payments by Visa or Mastercard.

Look More Confident.

"Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression!"

Does your headshot or corporate photo represent you well? Does it make a good first impression and differentiate you from others in the industry or business? Does it make you stand out and convey your personality?

Your profile is viewed hundreds or thousands of times online, in print and across multiple media platforms.

Most people will judge you within the first few seconds of viewing your portrait image. So, making a great first impression is incredibly important, because you only get one shot at it.

About Your Photographer - Carl Fox

I'm Carl Fox – Based in South East London, I am London’s number 1 business portrait photographer with 20 years’ experience.

In that time, I've photographed U.S. Presidents, corporate business professionals, thousands of company staff, A-List celebrities, actors, rock stars and numerous individuals.

I've helped them with advice and can now coach you on how to pose correctly for your headshot to help you present a stronger jawline, smile more naturally, and not look startled or surprised - with tips and techniques that ensure your headshot conveys your unique personality and is the very best you can get.

You won't get my unique technique elsewhere! My signature style image editing and retouching services will help you to make the difference to boldly make your headshot image stand out and make a statement; ensuring you can engage, attract and connect more with your audience.

Are you looking for high-quality and professional photography results?
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Portrait and headshot pricing - see my packages and whats included. Now with limited time 50 % discount applied - Book Now to secure your date.

Block out a time slot so no one else can book it. No need for emails or phone calls - but they are welcome. 

My Unique Signature Style Portrait Photography
carl fox headshot

Hi, I'm Carl Fox - London's Fine Art Portrait Photographer.

With 20 years portrait photography experience I've taken famous portraits of CEO's, entrepreneurs, business owners, Famous actors, A-list celebrities, TV presenters, Presidents and rock stars - so, you are in safe hands ... here's just a few of my portraits...

Celebrities like John Bon Jovi, John Travolta, George Clooney, Kate Moss, Sean Bean, Ewan McGregor, the list goes on ...

I struggled for years perfecting the perfect portrait, never quite happy and thinking I was missing something, that something was eluding me !

And I realised that there must be a method. A sure-fire way I could consistently produce portraits I was entirely satisfied with.

We are all, I'm sure, our own biggest critic !

headshot and portrait photo john travolta
headshot portrait photo george clooney

So, I went back to my fine art studies and looked again with renewed vigour at the great classical masters.

Artists that were renowned not only for their lighting and compostion but also how they posed their subjects yet seemingly captured them in a fleeting moment but still looking authentic !

How did they do it - so consistently ?

What I discovered was there is a certain way that people can pose that helps them to look more confident & authentic but also makes their image stand out, literally head & shoulders above standard, more generic headshots.

And this translates from classical fine art portraits to a contemporary portrait photo.

kate moss headshot
Kate Moss portrait (c) Carl Fox







The linear perspective. The subtle interplay of shadow and light. The incredible attention to detail, made possible for the first time with the discovery of oil-based paints. And perhaps most importantly – the stories captured in the eyes and expressions of the subjects.

Renaissance portraiture cast the mold for everything we know about the artistic representation of the human face. So it should be no surprise I've studied it deeply, and made it a primary source of inspiration.

renaissance art



There has to be something unique, something special something that will hook you and draw you into their eyes."

The mystery in DaVinci's Mona Lisa... the longing of Raphael's Castiglione... the arrogance of Parmigianino's Portrait of a Young Lady... these artists could capture the deepest reaches of the souls of their subjects, and in doing so, reveal the humanity that connects us all.

headshot portrait photo

One of my portraits. 

myleene klass photo
Myleene Klass portrait (c) Carl Fox

"To me, the perfect portrait is not merely about light, color or perspective.

Its how the subject is posed yet seemingly captured in a fleeting moment but still looking authentic !

The perfect portrait is a mirror for the emotions that live inside of all of us, and that's what I strive to capture, every time I pick up my camera." 

Do you want an average portrait or the ultimate one?

Does your current profile photo represent you or your business well?

I can digitally retouch your portrait images that I've shot of you, smoothing skin, subtly fading lines, reshaping, remodeling, removing stray hairs, darkening eyebrows, whitening teeth, brightening eyes, contouring and sculpting light, intensifying your image - making your portrait really stand out.

Do you want your headshot to look like a high-end celebrity headshot? 

" Thank you very much for the great pictures and photoshop work. Yesterday’s image looks like a celebrity headshot. Super cool " !

- Peter Fehr

headshot photo comparison





Set Yourself Apart - Branding / P.R. Photography

In today's market, your corporate brand is your most valuable asset and nothing supports your visual brand more effectively than high-quality professional headshot photography.

Visual storytelling is powerful.

That's where Carl Fox Photography comes in.

When you need photos for your business, look no further. We do it all: headshots, workplace images, conferences, fundraisers, LinkedIn and PR portraits, business photography for marketing materials, and promotional events. Whether it's images for the next event you sponsor or corporate headshots, we've got you covered.

Alongside corporate and business headshots, I also do editorial portraits, actors headshots and portfolio photography for the entertainment industry. I will tailor the location of the shoot to your needs. You may wish to be photographed outdoors with natural lighting or in a area inside your business, I can work with you to get the best photographs as possible.  

Behind the scenes video showing headshots at an annual conference.

 Leave your details now and I'll email you back to see how I can help with a new Headshot.


Stand out from the crowd :
  • Promote yourself & help grow your authority by dramatically standing out from your competitors.
  • I add luminosity and extra dimensionality to your portrait by sculpting the light and shadow to contour your features.
  • I then apply renaissance style fine art lighting techniques to really make your image stand out and separate you from the background.
  • Using my Unique Signature Style post processing gives you front cover quality images.
Use the slider to see the before & after effects of Photoshop retouching .
This portrait included correcting a semi closed lazy eye which was unavoidable and prominent in all the images.

Your personal Brand photography - How I can help you :

  • I create images that show you as the best and only choice in your field - The expert that your ideal clients only want to do business with.
  •  You stand out more so you attract your ideal client helping you grow your business.
  • We develop a unique online & social media style that your audience can connect with helping them buy from you or hire you.
  • Tell your story. Show what it is you do. Shots of you in action illustrate this  perfectly. Showing your products, processes and people builds trust.
  • People want to see who you are so they can do business with you - show them the best, authentic version of yourself and improve how you connect.

Business and personal

Look Your Best ! With image editing & retouching to boldly make your statement.
So you can present the best version of yourself... helping you to engage, attract and connect more with your audience.
Use the image slider left and right to see the before and after.



Portraits to help you
engage, inspire and connect more. 
After the shoot is over the editing can begin ! This part is crucial to the entire process. I can digitally retouch your portrait images that I've shot of you, smoothing skin, subtly fading lines, reshaping, remodelling, removing stray hairs, darkening eyebrows and whitening teeth and eyes, contouring and sculpting - making your portrait really stand out.

See the difference this can really make to help you engage, inspire and connect more.
Use the image slider to see the before and after.
Image Retouching / Editing

My signature style - Shaping light & shadow.
Over the years I've developed a signature look that all my portraits have. No two are the same but they all contain similar ingredients which when mixed together creates a distinctive style.

The background and lighting are key!

Here's an edited portrait I took some years ago. You can use the slider left and right to see the before and after edits.

I've added more shadows and tonal range - contouring and shaping the light to make more of an impact. Something I learnt when studying art at school.

Quite amazing what can be achieved after a photo has been taken. I now see taking the photograph as just the start of the process to create a portrait. 


Of course you still have to get everything correct in camera. Focus, composition, exposure etc. that hasn't changed, but that should all be a given anyway.

So my approach to editing and how I visualise the final image can be dramatically different from the original image straight out of camera. It's great to use the latest techniques. Editing can produce amazing results but it does take a lot of time. Hours can be spent on a single image!

My prices start at £99 for an express portrait - a 20 minute shoot. I guarantee if you don't love your photo - you don't pay!

To book a photo session click on the button below to check my diary.

What area do you cover?

Greater London and around the M25. I do travel further so please contact me to check your area.

Do you have a studio or do you visit me?

It's often easier for me to visit you. This saves you time and money and I can set up my studio lights in small places.

How can I be certain of getting a great headshot?

I've taken portraits for some major companies and many individuals over last 20 years. Have a look at my portfolio to see or check my 5 Star reviews.

Do you shoot multiple headshots / portraits?

Yes, contact me with numbers and the amount of time you have and I'll get a quote over to you.

Can I view my images first before deciding which ones I want ?

Yes. I upload the images to an online secure gallery for you to view. You can ' favourite ' the images you prefer. I can then edit those chosen ones and you can download the edited ones.

See My 

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See The Difference ...

  • Stand out from the crowd - grab attention and stop people scrolling past !
  • Drive engagement.
  • See the difference having a professionally taken portrait photograph can make to your profile.

* With my unique Signature style image retouching you can present the best, authentic version of yourself... helping you to engage, attract and connect more with your audience.

See for yourself ! Use the slider left and right to see before and after.

Are these the results you're looking for ?
If so check my calender availability online now & book before your dates are blocked out.


" Excellent service, prompt, polite and professional. Carl had a great personality and completed the job perfectly under time constraints!."

- Matty Kaay ( London )

"Carl was great to work with and helped get some amazing shots. His post-production work is superb, overall great value for money.."

- Peter Bancroft (London)

"Carl Fox immediately made both my husband & myself feel at ease. , Carl is a very personable & professional photographer who we both enjoyed meeting & being photographed by.

- Elisa Williams (London)

Schedule a call and find out how I can help you look more confident and authentic in your portrait photos.

Get actionable advice that will directly lead to you getting Confident Looking Cinematic style Fine Art Portrait photos.

By being shown how to pose correctly, this will elevate your online & social media presence to attract ideal clients that are hyped to work with you.

This can help you ...

Land More Jobs, Gain New Customers & Win More Clients.

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