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Multiple staff headshots.

How many headshots ?Finished last week on a high. Sent 1772 headshot images to a client of their staff. There is no way I could of shot all that in 1 day so I had 3 photographers spread across 3 floors each with our own studio light set up.This helped lower the individual workload of

Get the best headshots in London.

How to get the best headshots… It’s all about the pose ! See the difference being posed correctly can make so your headshot conveys confidence and instills trust and credibility when viewed. It’s not all about fancy equipment or photoshop editing – although that can help … Because a great pose and expression makes a great

Taking your own headshot.

Taking your own headshot when you can’t get out when under lockdown…  Or mobile phone Vs. professional headshots.Working from home ? Need to update your headshot for your online profile ? Here’s a quick video above with some tips to help improve your own headshots if you need to take your own quickly to update