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Confident looking Headshot Poses.

Look More Confident. Connect More. Look The Business. 

Ever looked surprised or a bit shocked in your headshots ?

Here's 4 key tips on how to pose so you look more confident and get a more flattering headshot ...


Subjects covered  :

Your Posture 
Your Eyes
Your Chin 
Your Smile 
Everyone tells me they hate having their photo taken - but you don't have to look like you hate it.

Ever wondered how professional headshot photographers guide their subjects on how to pose correctly so that their portraits convey more confidence, project more authority and help you look more relaxed ?

It's not about the photographer, the camera or the lighting - it's about how you can help yourself by learning the tips and tricks of presenting yourself so that even with a slight change or variation of posture and expression you can get stunning results.

headshot and portrait mosaic banner photos

Just some of the headshots I've taken in the past.

 So, what is the ' Look' ?

The ' look ' is an arresting pose and expression that with a slightc adjustment can make your headshot look More confident, grab attention, stand out and help you connect more.

Below we go into the four main areas that are crucial to getting the ' look ' and the very best headshot for you.

Your posture - and how not to look camera shy...

Be upright ! I mean really upright. Stretch upwards through your back and roll your shoulders back. Extend your neck upwards and breath evenly. But don't lean back - this can make you look scared of the camera.

Instead, ever so slightly lean into the camera - not too much but enough to look like your engaged.

This follows the same rules as having a conversation with someone. Body language is key. Leaning into a conversation shows you are alert, engaged, receptive and listening. This is the same with a headshot.

We have your attention now so you will have ours. You won't look like your backing away from the camera and too shy. It's a slight nuance but it can help a lot to project a more confident you.

Sitting can work. But definitely don't sit back on a sofa. It will look like your slouching. Instead sit on the very edge of the seat and lean forward into the camera.

When standing try to make sure hands are not on hips or by your side. Bring them together into your body - this will make your arms and shoulders slimmer and show a more sleeker you.

headshot and portrait mosaic banner photos

Just some of the headshots I've taken in the past.

Personal Branding is crucial ! Having a Confident looking Headshot on all your Social Media and marketing is crucial.

For example just on LinkedIn a confident looking headshot gets 21x more profile views and 36x more messages !

When your profile is viewed on LinkedIn your headshot takes up 19% of the entire time ! 

But, how do you look More confident ? Just use the tricks professionals use to get the best headshot by learning to pose confidently
and correctly.

An experienced photographer can guide you on how to pose giving you at least these three looks :
Potential clients expect to see confidence. Headshots needs to exude confidence.
A professional look comes from the overall feel of your Headshots and how you are confidently posed.
Look like the authority in your industry. An authoritative look comes from the eyes. I can help with this …
With my subtle, simple yet very effective unique posing techniques, I can help so your headshot exudes confidence.
This works for everyone and with 20 years experience as a professional London headshot photographer I’ve photographed and worked with :
Business owners.
1000’s of Professionals.
A-list Celebrities, Rock & Pop Stars, Famous Actors, TV Presenters.

View the video or read below my unique posing techniques on how I help you perfect ‘ the look ‘ in front of camera that presents a more confident looking you helping you engage and connect more with your audience.

Your smile - ( this can be the hardest part ) - how not to look false and unrelaxed.

If you are not used to being in front of the camera often then producing a natural and relaxed smile ' on demand ' can be daunting - leading to an unconfortable looking smile !

Some people are used to smiling naturally and can just ' turn it on '.

Your smile is often seen in your eyes. If it's not present there it can look strained and unrelaxed.

One tip that can work is placing your tongue on the roof of the mouth. This relaxes the cheek muscles and helps lift your smile naturally so it doesn't feel strained.

Failing that you can opt for a semi smile a half smile that doesn't show your teeth. This requires less effort and is a great compromise in getting a positive but relaxed expression helping you look more natural.

Coaching and feedback is crucial in the actual headshot session. Everyone responds differently to the above process and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another, so it's imperative your photographer helps guide you with this.

Without being posed.

With being posed. 

headshot portrait photo

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headshot portrait comparisson photo
Your eyes - and how not to look 'caught in the headlights'...

Not sure why but often people look startled in front of camera. Perhaps it's because it's not a naturally comfortable place to be and we're all very concious of how we look so we overthink it and look too alert by widening our eyes.

This can then make you look unrelaxed, amazed or even shocked.

Practice slightly tightening your lower eyelid. Go ahead, try it now ! Again not too much as it then looks like your squinting and being dazzled by the Sun. It just needs to be ever so slight. ( like your trying to read the bottom row of letters in an eye test ).

This conveys concentration, focus and again that we have your full attention. It just needs to be ever so slight - and definately don't frown !

This can work with a straight, serious expression or with a relaxed semi-smile. Don't worry about trying this with a full beaming smile as it tends to all work itself out on it's own 🙂

headshot portrait photo graham norton
Your chin - how not to have extra ones !

No one wants extra chins. There is a technique that helps hugely in eliminating excess skin around the chin and neck area. But it needs to be used very subtly.

Essentially it's by ' leading with the forehead '. You basically extend ever so slightlily your forehead toward the camera. This in turn stretches your jaw out and reduces the ability of the skin around the neck to bunch up and produces folds.

Even for naturally slim people, if they bring their head back and ' in ' can produce extra chins so it's a technique that works for all and can get rid of those dreaded double chins. Again this is something your photographer should work with you on so it looks natural and not overdone.

headshot and portrait mosaic banner photos

Above just some of the headshots I've taken in the past.

Look More Confident. Connect More. Look The Business.

Before being posed.

After being posed.

Listening to direction from your photographer and following instruction with a slight change of your pose, lowering your forehead, bringing your chin out and focusing your eyes makes a more confident connection with the person viewing your headshot - your audience. These are just some of the techniques a good, specialist headshot photographer employs to help you so you get confident looking headshots that demand attention.


It's a lot to think about whilst having your headshot taken and trying to relax and breath evenly, knowing that your image is being captured in high resolution. It's a great return on investment getting and choosing the correct photographer that will work with you to get the results you want and go through all of the above with you.

I guess it's similar to using a hairdresser or barber you trust. You wouldn't want to try cutting your hair yourself or getting a friend to do it for you. Or even getting a professional photographer who doesn't specialise in headshots. A photographer shooting weddings or landscapes requires different equipment and a different skill set. Will they have the knowledge or patience to get your headshot perfect and go through coaching you with all of the above ?

These tips are just some of the techniques I've developed over the last 20 years honing the art of the perfect headshot which make my headshots unique.

If I can help directly with a headshot session using my unique technique then please book me below. Or perhaps I can recommend a photographer in your town or city.

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