How to get the best headshots... 

It's all about the pose !

See the difference being posed correctly can make so your headshot conveys confidence and instills trust and credibility when viewed.

It's not all about fancy equipment or photoshop editing - although that can help ...

Because a great pose and expression makes a great headshot.

A good, dedicated, specialist headshot photographer can guide you so that your headshot exudes confidence leading to a stronger connection with your audience.

See below. Which headshot would you prefer to represent you or your brand ?

Before being posed.

After being posed.

Listening to direction from your photographer and following instruction with a slight change of your pose, lowering your forehead, bringing your chin out and focusing your eyes makes a more confident connection with the person viewing your headshot - your audience.

These are just some of the techniques a good, specialist headshot photographer employs to help you, so you get confident looking headshots that demand attention.