How many headshots in a day is too many ?

Finished last week on a high. Sent 1772 headshot images to a client of their staff. There is no way I could of shot all that in 1 day so I had 3 photographers spread across 3 floors each with our own studio light set up.

This helped lower the individual workload of each photographer but also meant more of the clients staff had less queuing and could access their photoshoot on the floor of the building they worked on. Something I think the client appreciated.

Logistically it meant a far more efficient event and ensured the day went more smoothly with no bottle necks while staff were waiting around.

It also meant the photographers did not get fatigue allowing just enough time in between shoots for a pause.

 A much better way to work and meant the quality of the images were maintained.

Still sending the images did take me back a few years. Despite being on fibre broadband because of the sheer amount of high res images it was like being in the old days of dial up - who remembers that ?