If you're looking for something average ... you're looking in the wrong place. 

Taking your own headshot when you can't get out when under lockdown...  Or mobile phone Vs. professional headshots.

Working from home ? Need to update your headshot for your online profile ?

Here's a quick video above with some tips to help improve your own headshots if you need to take your own quickly to update your online headshot photo.

It should help and I've included where to stand and also where Not to stand to get the best light.

With business moving more online now anyway and the fact we're all having to be home based ( for the moment ) you may be looking at all your online profiles, website headshots and avatar's ( Zoom is proving very popular now ). With so many people connecting and networking on social media it probably makes sense to have a recent up to date self portrait. 

I know with LinkedIn for example your headshot takes up a large amount of space ( real estate ) on your profile and is hugely influential in how people consider you. 

So follow the tips above and for any other tips please email or contact me.