If you're looking for something average ... you're looking in the wrong place. 

Who's the most inspirational or unique person you've met? What effect did they have on you?

I photographed astronaut Tim Peake yesterday.

This is what I love about what I do. It's the people I get to meet and photograph.

Got the call at 07:51 for the interview/portrait at 08:30 at The Excel Centre. Such little time to get there and only had a minute for the photo. No matter!

I like to think that the people we see, meet and interact with, even if so brief, somehow their energy rubs off onto us. Maybe just wishful thinking but I think that we can all be inspired to greater things or to better ourselves no matter what stage we are at in our lives/careers. And the people we meet or surround ourselves with can help with that.

One light used with a softbox to camera left to be as quick as possible a set up.

Tim Peake must be one of the most inspirational & unique individuals that I've met.

Who's yours?